The 10 Characteristics of Professional Leadership – Keynote Presentation

Managing a lab animal program is difficult, with animals, staff, researchers, equipment, and regulatory agencies to navigate, we are now asking our supervisor and managers to lead vivarium worth upwards of a million dollars, to multi-facility programs worth tens of millions of dollars rivaling small to medium businesses. Leading these programs post covid is a different world and even more difficult to manage, just like other industries, the lab animal field is now adjusting to this new norm. With the great resignation, staff shortages and rising salaries that are being matched or exceeded by fast food restaurants, Walmart’s and Target, leadership from the bottom to the top of your organization is critical for the stabilization and growth of your program. This workshop presentation and discussion will highlight the difference between managing and leading your program and the leadership characteristics that are found within most if not all high functioning programs of a few or more complex staffed facilities.  These leadership characteristics will help you identify leaders for the effective recruitment and development of leaders within your organization to establish and maintain a quality laboratory animal program. 


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