Intelligence Overload – Positive Intelligence: The Sequel

Change is difficult for all of us even if we are supportive of the change proposed in our lives. Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a new tool we can use to create positive results within our professional and personal lives during times of change. The change process induces high stress and pressure that heightens our anxiety levels and affects our brain’s ability to problem solve effectively.

Last year, the LAMA attendees were exposed to the action the mind takes under this heightened anxiety. The 10 saboteurs were introduced being led by “The Judge” and the results of self-sabotage were highlighted. The Sage was introduced to combat the saboteurs.

This year’s presentation will briefly review the 10 saboteurs and then quickly transition to the introduction of the 5 Sage Powers. The presenter will help you to train and build your mental muscles to overcome the saboteurs, ultimately building a positive mind-set. People who cultivate a positive mind-set perform better in the face of challenges including change.


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